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Versatile Jose Rod honoured

Versatile Jose Rod honoured

The unique concept of felicitating the yesteryears stars of Konkani stage for
their contribution to the Tiatrist Fraternity is what Kuwait-Goa Tiatristanchi
Sonvstha (KGTS) stands for. With the last two mega musical super hit shows in
Kuwait, they did it again with the grand success of "OSTAD TIATRIST" - a
tribute to Konkani Tiatr and Tiatrist, which was a sellout. Staged at the
Hawalli A/C auditorium on 24th February 2006, this much awaited annual event
saw the cream of the Konkani lovers among the audience. At the commencement,
one minute silence was observed in respect of the late Amir, Sheikh Jaber Al
Ahmed Al Jaber Al Sabah. Paying their respect to this great leader of Kuwait,
the audience with the organizers observed a minute silence. KGTS started the
show by playing Kuwait's National Anthem. This was followed by a chit-chat
with a flow of yesteryears Tiatrists' songs as well as depiction. Legendary
star Late Anthony Mendes shot to fame with his solo song "Taxi Driver" decades
ago, and this time his sons, the Mendes Brothers, Felix-Xavier-Derrick
performed it as a Trio. Remembering their father's contribution, Felix Mendes
appreciated and thanked the KGTS members for inviting them to perform for
their grand musical show. Felix also extended their well wishes and pledged
support to new upcoming stars. Apart from the the Kuwait-based stars who
performed, a galaxy of artistes from Bombay and Goa were flown specially for
the 3rd Grand Musical show in Kuwait. Joe Rose, Comedian Augustino Temudo and
Comedian Domnic Coelho, S.Lemos, Francis de Tuem and Trio Kings of Goa:
Joaquim-Junior Rod-Anthony dazzled the audience in their spell binding musical
journey of the golden era of Tiatr. The comedy skits interspeared between the
songs. Songs from Francis de Tuem on Goa's mining industry was well applauded
by the audience so was the Trio Kings songs on the political scenario in Goa.
Trio kings are hardcore composers with political and social topics. They are
very famous for their bold lyrics and widely expose the flaws of the Goa
government through their songs. Their trios "Dr. Verenkar", " M.Boyer"
and "Parrikar" were well applauded. Comedian Domnic and Comedian Agostinho's
performance kept the audience laughing till the very end.

The appearances of the majority of the KGTS members including Manuel de Santa
Cruz, Tony Carr, Clara, Domingos Araujo, Zorro, among others, in different
song sequences and scenarios was well choreographed with appropriate light
effects and music by a team of youngsters led by well-known musicians Maestro
Succorro de Melo.

The main attraction of the show was the leaflets (popularly known as
Handbills) of yesteryears Tiatrs that were on display on the left side of the
stage, and the right side of the stage was occupied by the musicians. This
unique collection dating back to 1950's was provided by Brazinho Soares of
Santa Cruz (Goa) to KGTS. The stage set-up suited for the musical show, the
decor as well as light effects added charm. The opening song by KGTS President
Francis de Verna, KGTS members Junifer Rodrigues, Donald Colaco and Cajetan de
Sanvordem highlighted the significance of the title of the musical "Ostad

Heartthrob of Konkani stage Jose Rod in his song "AMIG" paid rich tributes
to "Bab Peter". Jose Rod was felicitated at the hands of Xavier Mendes for his
tremendous contribution. With tears of joy, a surprised Jose Rod thanked all
his fellow KGTS colleagues and fellow Tiatr lovers for honour bestowed. The
compere announced that this was a well guarded secret by the KGTS until the
event unfolded. Mario de Majorda was at his best with his hilarious laughing
pills along with Comedian Nelson. "Palkacho Divo" a tribute song to one of the
senior artistes - Anthony (of Trio Kings fame) by the newly formed trio Katty
de Navelim-Simon Gonsalves-Joseph Rodrigues was well composed sung. At this
junction, Anthony was escorted on the stage and he congratulated the composer
and singers. Such was his liking of the song that Anthony will have it added
in his Konkani VCD which will be shortly released in fond rememberance of his
Trio singers – Late Conception and Late Nelson.

KGTS which was formed in 2003 and has organized Musical Show in Kuwait for the
last 3 years including this year, the proceeds collected is given to Goan
Dramatists on Konkani Stage who are often old and forgotten. This is one
generous way of telling the senior and retired Dramatists that KGTS together
with Konkani Tiatr lovers in Kuwait cares for them and that their contribution
is not forgotten by the new generation. Gracy Morais "Cheddum", Joe
Rose "Bubli Bubli", "Goenchim Antique Ghoram" and "Jaisi Jaisi", Anthony
Carr "Goa", Zorro "Kazar Zatam", Donald Colaco "Upkar", S.Lemos "Rakhno
Bhurgo" and "Kiddo ani Mathi", Junior Rod "Kid Boxer", Francis de Tuem "Young
Menezes", "Salleli Satari" and "Christanvachim Devmondiram", Katty de
Navelim "Ushar Raza" kept the audience spellbound. A song by Francis de Verna-
Gracy Morais-Cajetan de Sanvordem titled "KGTS" gave a glimpse of the events
from its formation and its three years of achivements for the benefit of the
tiatrists. The moral of the song was a strong message for the detractors who
try to put up hurdles to destroy the tiatrists' faternity's unity and
togetherness. The short play by Gracy and Group was captivating. The roles
played by Simon Gonsalves, Joseph Rodrigues, Gracy Morais, Clara and Laurie
Miranda were perfectly enacted. The show was compered by Cajetan de Sanvordem.
A game of quick five housie was conducted as well as the draw for the annual
KGTS raffle.

Working together for the Tiatrist Fraternity and giving some good performance
on stage is what KGTS stands for. The audience expected beautiful meanful
songs and witty jokes in combination with theme stories. All praise to the
KGTS members for putting up such a lovely show and short skits that they
people enjoyed. KGTS always comes with some unique performances, and this was
evident at the show when the stars of yesteryears were introduced with their
memorable songs sung by KGTS members non-stop. As the title of the musical
show signified, Konkani stage artistes, singers and musicians are
indeed 'Great Artistes' (Ostad Tiatrists) who have kept the flag of the
Konkani language high and have brought in significant awareness on the good
and bad of the Goan lifestyle and unique cultural heritage. The five
beneficiaries for the annual KGTS awards, namely: Ms. Ophelia, Remmie Colaco,
Patrick de Verna, Ms. Anita and Ms. Antonette Mendes were announced. Since
2002, Konkani stage lovers have been able to bring joy and smiles through the
proceeds collected through presentations and efforts of KGTS to seniormost and
retired Konkani stage artistes of the yesteryears, namely: Padmashri Award
winner M.Boyer, Philomena Braz, Betty Ferns, Albert Rose, Patrick Dourado,
Vitorino Periera, (Late) Mary Vaz, Prem Kumar, Paul Romy,(Late) Rom Tony, Late
Rosario Rodrigues, and John Nazareth. KGTS enjoys a large influence and
patronage of the Konkani lovers.

- Report by William Fernandes & Gaspar Almeida
- Photos by Rewon Gomes, professional photographer
(courtesy: KGTS)

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