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Gaspar Almeida applaud Simon Gonsalves

Gaspar Almeida applaud Simon Gonsalves
Releases VCD "Chovis Voram" The suspense thriller

- By William Fernandes

Time is precious! And waits for no-one. Respect time or be the one to succumb
to the whims and fancies of time. This is the vital theme of the new Konkani
VCD Film aptly titled "Chovis Voram" " 24 Hours" which keeps the audience
spellbound throughout the film, till it reaches its stunning climax. The VCD
Film is a Rock & Ranga presentation under Averly Productions banner, written
and directed by Simon Gonsalves. The VCD was Released at the hands of Gasper
Almeida of who also holds the post of being the General
Secretary of the Goan Welfare Society (GWS) Kuwait , at a glittering function
held at The Royal Terrasse Restaurant on the 9th of August admist invitees and
special guests. Gasper in his speech, complimented Simon Gonsalves and
thanked him for giving him the honour of releasing his maiden Venture Film"
Chovis Voram". Gaspar also pledged to support and extended co-operation to
the tiatrist fraternity at all time.

The story which revolves around a rich family with the head of the family
always underlining the importance of time. While In sharp contrast his
reckless son on the other hand disagrees with his fathers principles and by
passes the opportunities of time. The daughter on the other hand, loves her
brother very much, but, at the same time, is in love with a poor and
physically disabled (with one hand only)boy. When the brother comes to know
about his sisters love affair, he goes bonkers and viciously hatches a plot
to kill her lover. How the conspiracy is hacked and the suspense unfolds at
the end is worth watching. The story takes a momentous diversion to unfold the
next "Chovis Voram" in the film. Twenty four hour can turn out to be bliss or
may end in a tragedy. The film is a must see for all lovers of Konkani

The VCD film is produced by Rajesh A. Bhosale and filmed by Spirit at
beautiful and scerenic locations. The background music by Nelvil Fernandes is
enthralling to the ears. The actors have performed well and given their best.
Comedy scenes are also rib tickling, particularly, the scene in which, it
highlights that, in olden times, swine butchers used to hunt and trap pigs
with hounds but, now the modus operandi has shifted to modern technology, like
the Mobile telephones to hunt and capture the pigs.

The dialogues are also exceptionally penned. Simon Gonsalves has done well in
his maiden venture and deserves appreciation for the hard work and dedication
he has put in making this movie a reality. The film has been completed in a
record time, and kudos to the artist and all those involved in making the film
either on screen or behind the curtain or in front of the camera. Their
efforts will never go wasted as the film is doing good in Kuwait and gradually
will catch the hearts of Konkani Lovers.

Simon Gonsalves will be staging Konkani Religious Drama during Lent season,
titled "Chalis Dis Chalis Rati" in the coming year 2007. While the wait is
long, Take a deep breath and enjoy "Chovis Voram".

(Extract from The Times (Kuwait) / 1-7 Sept. 2006 / Page 2)

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