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- A talented singer and composer

Since 2001 he is regularly seen on stage in Kuwait -
be it a Konkani drama or a musical show or a Goa Day
celebrations. Just recently he has been elected the
President of the popular and the only organization in
the Gulf region of the tiatrists' faternity - Kuwait
Goa Tiatristanchi Sonvstha (KGTS). He is non other
than Mario Carneiro who goes by the alais "Katty de
Navelim". Katty started his singing career as a child
artiste while he was just in primary school. His
singing talents were duly recognized when he
participated in competitions held by the Cavellosim
Parish Youth. This encouragement took him to sing at
Kala Academy programmes and even to All India Radio
(AIR) at a very young age.

Katty has acted for Patrick Perry, C.D'Silva, Patrick
Dourado and others all over Goa. He has also penned
and directed his only Konkani tiatr titled "Tuca Favo
Naslem" which was performed in Assagao in Bardez and
at Tilamol in Quepem taluka, for the church feasts way
back in 1977.

Just a fortnight back (15th September 2006) he
released his second Konkani album in Kuwait titled
"Ugddas Tumcho" produced by MANFA Music (Goa). He had
presented his debut Konkani Album "Dennem" in 2002 -
also produced by MANFA Music (Goa).

"Both my albums have been well received. I thank all
Konkani lovers for the support and encouragement they
gave me", Katty shyly comments. Further elaborating
on both the albums, he says "I must confess that both
title songs in the two albums are my best favourites,
so also the song "Ashram" in "Ugddas Tumcho". Katty
further states "As mentioned in the Album covers, all
lyrics are penned by me".

"Although I landed in Kuwait a long while ago, I took
a long gap, i.e. for almost 19 years (1982-2001), I
did not act or sing on stage". With a force within
himself, he confidently managed to go back to his most
favourite hobby, i.e. singing on stage in "Ti Mojie
Mai" written by Patrick Dourado and directed by Tony
Dias in 2001. "I am grateful to my brother Morris
Carneiro and my family who have always supported my
singing art". He also participated in Patrick
Dourado's drama "Tujem Rogot" in April 2004 organized
by Navelim Youth Centre in Kuwait. "I was honoured and
privilege to sing a "duo" with Patrick Dourado.
Interestingly though, this was the very first time in
a career spanning over 90 dramas that Patrick Dourado
was seen on stage singing"!

Katty, together with Kuwait-based talented Konkani
stage artistes - Simon Gonsalves and Joseph Rodrigues
- have formed a trio! Since the last two years, this
trio has been making waves with songs specially penned
by Katty. Last year, it was a song "Palkacho Divo"
sung on the Goa's most famous "Trio Kings" at the
Kuwait Goa Tiatristanchi Sonvsta (KGTS) annual musical
show "Ostad Tiatrist" which was emotionally
acknowledged by "Anthony of Trio Kings fame" as well
sung and well written. Anthony himself announced on
stage after the song rendition that "this trio song"
will be included in their Trio Kings' forthcoming
Konkani VCD.

Born and brought up in Navelim, Salcette, Katty has
attended his primary education in Rosary High
School-Navelim and later as a boarder at St. Britto's
High School, Mapusa. After obtaining his Industrial
Training Diploma in Plumbing (Govt.of India) at
Margao, he obtained his Public Works Department (PWD)
licence. Presently in Kuwait he works for the well
known Arabi Holding Group as a Senior Irrigation and
Mechanical Supervisor at the construction projects
(sites) - both for the private sector and government

In the past decade, Katty has been elected as the
President, Sports Secretary as well as the General
Secretary of Navelim Youth Centre-Kuwait. With Kuwait
Indian Football Federation (KIFF) he was elected the
"Sports Secretary" for three years and as "Registrar"
for two years. When the team met
him after his election as KGTS President, he mentioned
that he keeps himself abreast of the happenings among
the Goans - be it on the sports as well as on the
tiatr circuit.

While keeping on track with the brief questions we put
across to Katty......
"Socio-economic growth of the Goan community through
the Konkani language and Romi script is the only way
to ensure a bright future and unity in Goa!".
"I hate those who write controversial and unfounded
stories on fellow tiatrists and Goans - specially
those who contribute towards the tiatr, konkani, and
social spheres in Kuwait".
While concluding this brief interview, Katty smiles:
"I will endeavour to keep the Kuwait-Goa Tiatristanchi
Sonvstha's (KGTS') flag flying high. KGTS upcoming
programme in the new year will be a grand one as in
the past three years".
"My grateful thanks to all my fans, Navelim villagers,
fellow tiatrists, supporters and well-wishers".
"Keep up the good work you and Ulysses Menezes
together with your team are doing by forwarding the
Gulf-Goans e-Newsletter regularly".
I like the website and specially Konkani
online music station".
"You guys are much ahead of everyone. I think has the largest collection of
information on tiatr and tiatrists". Tumcam Dev borem

Well, thanks Katty, we appreciate the kind words. The team too wish you a bright future ahead.
Once again, congratulations on your election as
President of KGTS !

Gaspar Almeida 9/10/2006
gasperalmeida at

Photographs - courtesy: GaspersWorld,
Photographer: Simon Dias thelensmen at
Navelim Youth Centre-Kuwait, Kuwait Indian Football
Federation (KIFF). Photographer: Riwon Gomes
rewgomes at &
Kuwait Goa Tiatristanchi Sonvstha (KGTS).

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To: Mr. Gaspar Almeida
Moderator/Editor - Gulf-Goans eNewsletter

Dear Gaspar,

Well deserved write up on Katty.

I had the pleasure of associating with him during his tenure as President
and again when he was General Secretary of Navelim Youth Centre and and I
can confidently say that he puts his heart in whatever he does.

We are proud that he made his debut in Kuwait in "Thi Moji Maim" a drama
hosted by Navelim Youth Centre.

As villagers of Navelim and on behalf of Navelim Youth Centre in Kuwait we
wish him every success at Kuwait-Goa Tiatristanchi Sonvstha (KGTS).

Agnello A S Fernandes
Navelim Youth Centre - Kuwait

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