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- By Gaspar Almeida

CHRISTMAS does something quite miraculous to most of us. We may go to bed the night before weary of crowds and rush and dozens of last-minute chores, and fed up with the whole business. And then we arise on the day itself to find ourselves transformed almost as remarkably as Scrooge was, and without any ghostly assistance. If we have small children we find that we love them, even though they wakened us at dawn. The sense of family unity becomes something to be newly cherished. We greet our friends with uncritical affection. Our hearts go out to all our fellow men, and we wish them well. We do not do these things because we are compelled to or because tradition says we ought to. We do them simply because the spirit of Christmas is upon us. Peace and good will, familiar words of the Christmas story, suddenly become positive and meaningful. The good will recedes, the peace is disturbed, and we go back to the strivings and the differences of everyday life. But the spirit of Christmas does not disappear. It is a part of us, part of our heritage and of our national as well as individual behavior. Sometimes it seems that we forget, in our zeal for progress and improvement, that we are a decent, kindly people. We seem to forget how good a life most of us have, and why we have it. It is right that we should try to improve that life and share its goodness more evenly. But in doing that we sometimes tend to emphasize our disagreements and to take our blessings and our virtues for granted.

The Christmas season is a good time to remember that we live our lives on Christian ethics as well as on political justice, built upon the Christian belief in the worth and dignity of the individual. That belief is absent this Christmas in modern times. In some countries, the brotherhood of man has been replaced by government edicts of suspicion, betrayal and class hatred. In others, conformity and obedience are demanded by a program whose goal seems to be a drab uniformity masquerading as social equality. And even in our own country there are people who would have us emulate the one system or the other. We have not done so, and let us give thanks for it. Let us look about us and within us and count our very palpable blessings. Let us remember that, for all our shortcomings, we embody for the rest of the world the charity and generosity and good will that are the essence of the Christian and the Christmas spirit. Christmas is not an institution or an holiday of one particular country. But we have patterned our best aspirations after its meaning until it has become not only one day in our year but, in a sense, our way of life.


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UCU-Kuwait honours 'Voice of Goa 2008'

Kuwait, March 8, 2009: The winner of 'Kingfisher Voice of Goa 2008' singer Keith Jack Antao was honoured by United Club of Utorda-Kuwait for his great achievement, on 6th March 2009 in Kuwait City. Keith is on a short family visit to Kuwait. On behalf of the Utodd'dekar villagers, Konkani poet and writer, Nakhas Borkar congratulated Keith Antao for achieving this success and making his fellow Utodd'dekars proud and put forth his plans to Keith to organize special music classes in Utorda to promote this very precious talent which God has blessed in abundance.

Francisco (Chequinho) Fernandes, UCU President honoured Keith Antao with a plaque on behalf of Utodd'dekars based in Kuwait and UCU executive member Menino Monteiro presented a valuable gift as a token of appreciation on behalf of United Club of Utorda-Kuwait. Apart from the beautiful voice, Keith has been gifted with many other talents - he plays the lead guitar, the organ and the violin and is equally good in sports too.

Keith Antao is an active member of the Utorda parish choir. His spontaneous beautiful smile is a bonus point in all his achievements. In his speech Nakhas Borkar reminded the Utorda community and Goans at large that "2008 a very blessed year to all Utod'dekars for some of the proud moments happened in the history of Utorda in a very significant way on the arts and cultural scenario.

On September 8th for the very first time village apex body United Club of Utorda released a book 'Aitaracheo Katkutleo' written by the son of the soil Konkani poet, writer and UCU adviser Lino B. Dourado and on September 20th another Konkani book released 'Iad Tuji' (written by Borkar himself). On 12th October ‘Jivit’, the Konkani monthly magazine conferred the ‘Best Humorous Konkani Writer 2008’ award on the Kuwait-based team member Lino B. Dourado. In the All Goa Mando Festival 2008, ‘Harmonizer’s Choir of Utorda' won the first prize in Senior and Profession level category organized by the Goa Arts and Cultural Social Centre, Bonicio Vitorin Pereira bagged the prestigious first prize in best Tiatr script writer competition organized by Goa Konkani Academy (GKA) in memory of Pai Tiatrist 'Joao Agostinho Fernandes’ and popular singer Marcus Vaz (ex-Kuwait) was bestowed the prestigious late Jack de Sequeira Award'.

It was also a great honour for senior veteran Uttordekar tiatr writer-director Master Vaz who was called to inaugurate the “Tiatr Academy of Goa” in the presence of Goa’s Chief Minister Digamber Kamat, the academy’s nominated president Tomazinho Cardozo in the midst of a galaxy of the members of the Konkani stage. Master Vaz was also honoured by the Government of Goa among scores of other veteran members of the tiatrist fraternity a few weeks ago”.

UCU adviser Lino B. Dourado compeered the function while UCU General Secretary Richard Socorro Rodrigues proposed a vote of thanks and gratefully acknowledged the Lord Almighty for blessing Keith Antao with abundant talents and wished him every success in all his future endeavours.

The popular annual event “Kingfisher Voice of Goa” is being organised for the last four years in a row which is a singing competition that recognises and encourages fresh talents in Goa and awards cash prizes and other incentives. The competition draws hundreds of young talented singers which acts as a springboard for instant recognition and is also one of the several major events for the visiting tourists to Goa.

Pictures courtesy: & UCU-Kuwait

Meet the Producer-Director of Konkani Film "DOLLA" - Ignatius D. Fernandes

Meet the Producer-Director of Konkani Film "DOLLA"

Good news for all the Konkani lovers. Yet another Kuwait-based Goan has envisaged to carry on the Goan tradition of keeping the Goan culture alive and this time, it's another Konkani full feature film tilted "DOLLA", written and directed by Ignatius D. Fernandes.The entire shoot of this film has been done in Kuwait. Alluring music has been composed and meticulously selected for "DOLLA" keeping the Goan taste of melody, music and rhyme in mind. Ignatius hails from the picturesque village of Sancoale, Goa-India and proudly says: "I have great expectation from this film. I’ve tried my best to do justice to the script".

A brief intro about the Producer-Director:
After obtaining his Degree in Computer Engineering (APTECH), he successfully undertook the IATA Diploma courses. Cinema was something out of his thoughts as a career or profession option, then.

Ignatius fondly remembers during his childhood days, when his dad, John C. Fernandes, who worked in Kuwait used to get Konkani Video Cassettes, along with all the goodies and presents. He still vividly remembers the names of some like “Hanv Vatt Chuklo”, “Kitem Hanvem Kellem”, “Doth ani Dennem”, among scores of other Konkani dramas which his mother Succorina Fernandes used to treasure, keeping them immaculately cleaned and packed. He confesses though that he was not too much fond of them during that time. Ignatius recalls "I guess it was due to the attitude of insignificance of our mother tongue we felt around us"! When he stepped into adolescence, a likeness towards Konkani grew within him. I used to hear all the Konkani audio cassettes. "I even to the extend to clean the fungus on the VHS cassettes and watch the same dramas once I shunned to view", he shyly recalls.

Around 2004 when Konkani home-made and amateur videos started to bloom, a desire to make his own Konkani songs album VCD was felt by him. He fondly adds, "I learnt the techniques and ideas used in film creations, production as well as the finer aspects of filming. I met some professionals, exchange lots of thoughts and views and with their help planned out my first Konkani VCD project. After 3-4 songs were filmed, fate had something else in store for me. "I landed in Kuwait on a work visa and had to depart from this field". The wish of fulfilling his 'maiden' project was sacrificed as his job and other priorities came in the fore.

It was during the same period that his brother, Joywin, also a die-hard Konkani lover, established himself and set up his own banner “Home Video Production” in Goa. Today, Ignatius deeply feel proud of Joywin's success as he has scripted his mark for having the largest number of Konkani VCD and Konkani telefilms photographed, filmed and edited single handedly. A rare achievement, indeed, at a very young age! Joywin has some pleasant creative films to his name and credit. Among these include “Chintt Munxea Vogot Astanam”, “Chintnam Nuin Sopnam”, “ Ek Full Don Kannte”, etc.

The latest released film “Friends” in which the beautifully conceptualized romance between youngsters is well presented. 'It's happening for the first time in Konkani films', Ignatius prouldy states. Termed as a youthful joyride, the entertaining film is written, directed, photographed and edited by Joywin. Yet another new film titled “Family” is also slated for release soon. It's a film about relationships.

Coming back to "DOLLA" his cherished subject, Ignatius gives a little insight cheefully, "I intended to create a film long back, but due to reasons beyond my control and other commitments, the idea and script were set aside untouched. Now after an impatient wait of over 5 years, finally I have ventured out for this film. The trailor of this film is already out on a few Konkani Video CDs and also on youtube, and web portals.
Watch it NOW on GoaMag.

Now at the post-production stages, the 29 year old Ignatius feels great that his dream film has come true! It's been a truly a blissful experience to see my work on screen! “My wife Joyce has been my genuine support throughout the making of "DOLLA". She was instrumental in re-writing/modifying the script as the film progressed and accompanied me on the shoot locations. She did the part of an Assistant Director with a genuine eye for details. Without her love and support I couldn’t have brightened up my film", he candidly acknowledges. "My special thanks to all the cast who have tirelessly put in their best performances so also the technicians and support crew".

"The film has turned out in excellent form and to my liking. I have treated each and every element of the movie accurately keeping in mind the audience in and around the Konkan region. I have attempted to craft something different in the genre of Konkani films."

The film "DOLLA" features Sheryl Gomes, Sylvester Vaz, Irene Vaz, Marina D’Souza, Riana Azavedo, Simon Dias, and a host of other actors including Ignatius and Joyce in a small cameo appearance.

The production and marketing will be handled by "Home Video Productions". The other related aspects of the film are set for final touches. "I plan to release this movie on big screen soon. A few more shoots and that's all is awaited..... I am positive the Konkani audiences will like it".

As Ignatius confidently puts it, "DOLLA" is surely gonna be an all out entertainer and a collector's item for Konkani film enthusiasts.

The producer-director can be contacted via Email: ignatius_kuwait@yahoo.comThis e-mail address is being protected from spambots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it , ifilmstudios@yahoo.comThis e-mail address is being protected from spambots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it , or Tel/Mob: (+965) 99208421.

Further details about the cast, music and above all, the novel approach in production, direction and storyline is all that the Konkani film lovers await for to watch.

- Goa-World.Com Team joins all Konkani lovers and wishes Ignatius D. Fernandes and all associated with the film production all the very best.

"DOLLA" Poster was first released to team by the producer-director. You saw it first at here at
Indeed the tradition goes on, since 1994! Promoting tiatr, tiatrists, Konkani and everything Goan!

-gaspar almeida
(c) All rights reserved.

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CECIL PINTO - a crusader for debates on a Goan's Passion for more!

I received this item in the mailbox and thought to
dedicate it to Cecil Pinto - a crusader for debates on
a Goan's 'PASSION' for more!

Ofcourse, I had to edit the content for clarity, with
due diligence.....reverence and not to land into
revulsion. Like they say in a PEPSI commercial, hea
dil'l mang'ge more.. ha, ha!

Gaspar Almeida

Read on.....

There's nothing spiritual, the way Hollywood makes
movies today. The world is very evil today. Movies
about beloved religious figures provoke strong
reactions - from reverence to revulsion. For some,
they are vivid illustrations of their faith; for
others they are corny "sandal-operas."

Going around the internet resources available, I found
that, this season, three movies have caught the
attention of Protestants, Catholics and Jews, and
opinion is equally diverse. Supporters see them as a
golden opportunity for evangelism, while critics
charge they are demeaning to other faiths.

"Luther," a biopic about the rebellious Catholic
priest who sparked the Protestant Reformation, stars
Joseph Fiennes, the "Shakespeare in Love" heartthrob.
"The Gospel of John," a word-for-word dramatization of
the fourth book of the New Testament, features a cast
drawn from England's Royal Shakespeare Company. "The
Passion of Christ," Mel Gibson's drama of Jesus' last
12 hours, draws on a variety of sources.

"Luther" and "The Gospel of John" are now playing in
select cities in the US. The Passion of Christ was
released on Feb. 25, 2004, Ash Wednesday.

We've had a historic recognition of the Christian
market, which has not really been considered as a
group since the 1940s and 1950s," says Ted Baehr, of
MovieGuide, which rates commercial films for morality
and spirituality.

The difference in these films from other films about
Christ is that they are being made from the
perspective of believers, by believers. This makes a
huge difference in how they will be received by
unbelievers, because those of us who have faith in
Christ believe that the power of our faith is in the
word of God.

This season's religious movies also have generated
controversy. And bad publicity is a concern for the
religious community, experts say, because if the films
don't do well at the box office, it's unlikely that
there will be many more big-budget, big-screen,
commercial efforts anytime soon.

But the greatest furor so far involves Mel Gibson's
"The Passion of Christ," which has drawn early
criticism from Jewish groups and others concerned
about its telling of the story of the hours preceding
the Crucifixion. They say the film revives the image
of Jews as "Christ-killers." Gibson's conservative
Catholic religious views, and those of his father,
have attracted coverage.

To counteract some of the negative buzz, Gibson has
been screening the film around the US. Those attending
the screenings have been required to sign a
confidentiality agreement.

It takes you on an emotional roller coaster, like any
sermon or work of art does. Because of the reasonable
artistic liberties Gibson was able to take with
Scripture, he was able to include some Hollywood-style
emotional elements, while still remaining true to the
reality of what Christ went through.

Although the Gibson film has attracted the most
attention, "The Gospel of John" has been troubling to
some. Producers say it's a word-for-word re-creation
of the Gospel of John. If viewers have a problem with
the film, they say, their problem is with the

If it's not word-for-word, I don't want to see it. I
don't like what Hollywood puts out. They add too much
of their own beliefs, and they take away from the
word. When I find someone who can make a movie that is
the truth of the word of God, then I will go out of my
way to see it, a devout Catholic says.

In the meantime, the parishioners in 'select' Churches
in Goa enjoy the film, free of charge, minus some
stress on their eye-balls due to poor quality of the
DVDs. Praise to God!

(Thanks to the bulk forwarding messenger who keeps
filling my mailbox(es). Positively one of them have
been identified as Cornel Carneiro of the not so
worthy A Verynaughty Fermentes Kendr.)

Bo..., back to you!

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Goan Photographer J.L. RIVON GOMES

J. L. Rivon Gomes

Smile Please! Who else on earth always wants us to smile? Its none other than a photographer. Whether he is an artist or not, the photographer is a joyous sensualist, for the simple reason that the eye traffics in feelings, not in thoughts. If you do not want beautiful moments of your life to fade away, he is there to frame them up. He is renowned for photography in the international media, who holds over 30 certificates and many awards for his remarkable and picturesque photography at global level. Yes! That is Mr. Jose Luis Rivon Gomes.

Rivon Gomes is currently working as sales supervisor in CANON - Nasser Mohamed Al Sayer Communication Company, Kuwait. He studied in Diploma-Tech Engineering as High Skilled Craftsman from Cardian Technical Institute - Mumbai and qualified production engineering. As soon as he graduated in 1979, he joined a studio Company in Dubai, U.A.E. In the year 1980 he landed in Kuwait to join Al Alamiah (Fotofast), as Lab Technician. While working here, he graduated in advance photo finishing from American Institute. His job responsibility as a lab technician included installation of systems, training the staff, setting up new studios, and also working on the professional studio, commercial, structural/architectural and celebrity jobs as well as attended training in Germany. His action photography swings him with the best angles he captures without missing his prey, at which every fraction of a second is well calculated and captures the perfect exposure without missing it sharp and clear, manipulating with all the F-Stop and speeds that are needed accordingly. After an experience of over two decades, his responsibilities included and expanded to handling sales, managing showrooms and professional studios and also as a lab manager was handling production and quality control working in Al Alamiah Company. Later he had his own business on the photography lineup.

In 2001, Rivon Gomes joined CANON and now with his innovative and entrepreneurial ideas, he owns a business in commercial photography. Having 30 years of experience in photography, he is very creative, idealistic and believes in quality and carries the motive of achieving highest customer satisfaction through delivering incomparable quality. He is a workaholic and loves whatever he does. He enjoys dealing with all professional line of cameras and also provides his valuable advice and suggestions to people who come to him. He also aims at setting up studios in India and training budding youngsters in the field.
Though he is a high profile person, he is humble and very down to earth. He is a quick learner and believer in his own ability. He aims high and never left any task incomplete. He toiled day in and day out to achieve his goals and fulfill his dreams. Since he believes in quality, it brought him a good fame in Kuwait. So why not we say that his zeal and passion towards photography made all his dreams come true.

In terms of learning about new technology and latest model cameras, he is quick and purchases high tech cameras whichever is new in the market. His favourite cameras are SLR and Twin lens Reflex Camera.

Isn’t it also true that behind every successful man there is a woman, and of course his family too. The credit of Rivon Gomes’ success can be accredited to his wife Fatima Glensia Gomes, who is an executive secretary for Al Zayani for the past 20 years. She had been a great support to her husband right from day one. They were blessed with two children. As the saying goes, “As you sow, so you reap”, Rivon Gomes’s children too are very talented like him. The elder son, Staski Jude Gomes, is popular for his music and is good at sports. He is now in U.K. pursuing his higher studies. Scot Savio Gomes is their younger son, who is currently studying in standard nine at Carmel School, and has groomed to be a “drummer” as his hobby!

Rivon is born in a well disciplined family and hails from picturesque Raia village in Goa, India. His father was an auditor section officer in control in Indian Navy, and so he could inherit the discipline from his father. Apart from being passionate with photography, Rivon was also an accomplished footballer and an athlete. In the year 1976 he won first place in 110 Metres hurdles at all India Mining Meet held in Goa when he worked for Sesa Goa Pvt. Limited.

Rivon is well disciplined, creative, confident, innovative, hard working, entrepreneurial, an all rounder with a loving family and satisfying personal and professional life – what more do a complete man require?

(By N Mohandoos/Gaspar Almeida)

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Kuwait-Goa Tiatristanchi Sonvstha (KGTS) celebrated their 5th anniversary in grand style with the release of Brazinho Soares (Kalapurkar)'s KONKNNI OPARINCHO JHELO - a collection of Konkani sayings which the author has collected for over 46 years.

Brazinho Soares was specially flown in from Goa for the occasion. This is the first time an inaugural release of a KONKANI publication takes place in Kuwait. The occasion was beautifully orchestrated by KGTS committee members and the ribbon-cutting ceremony was done at the hands of Rev. Fr. Melywn D'Cunha, vicar of the Holy Cathedral Church, Kuwait City on 17/4/2007.

KGTS President, Katty de Navelim, presented a shawl and a Memento to the author. At the commencement, a prayer recital and a minute's silence was observed in the fond rememberance of late Shri Ulhas Buyao. During the ceremony an exhibition of Konkani books, magazines, novels and periodicals was inaugurated by Elvira D'Souza. Incidentally, Brazinho Soares was also honoured on the same day at the Kala Academy Goa together with several senior Goan Tiatr Artistes. The event has been compered by KGTS General Secretary, Dominic Araujo.

A brief about Brazinho Soares:
Brazinho Soares hails from Santa Cruz and hence the alias Kalapurkar gets attached and recognized synonimously. Born 1938, his first Konkani poem titled "Doriachem Ojeap" was published on 9/2/1958 in 'Aitarachem Vachop' Konkani newspaper. After this, there was no turning back, as Brazinho Soares' love for Konkani writings flowed from his pen and it is interesting to note that not a single newspaper, magazine, weekly is left without his contribution being published. A man of few words, he has the unique record of collecting Konkani publications, Tiatr reviews, leaflets (handbills), which he did as a hobby in his youth, which continues todate. Brazinho Soares has often loaned his entire collections to Kala Academy (Goa) whenever are exhibitions and seminars held for Konkani promoting organizations and has received appreciation from several dignitaries including Goa's Chief Ministers, Kala Academy heads/chairperson, Senior Tiatrists as well as Editors of Konkani publications and magazines.
Brazinho Soares has also participated in several tiatr competitions and has been honoured by various Konkani and Cultural Organizations, both in Goa as well as overseas. He is the receipient of Goa Government Awards, Ave Maria Furtado Award (Qatar), Santa Cruz Social Welfare Association, Kala Academy, etc. Brazinho's creative writings and poems have been published in Gulab, Vauraddeancho Ixtt, A Vanguarda, Ave Maria, Porjecho Adar, Goan Express, Vauraddi, Cine Times, The Goa Mail, Udentechem Noketr, Goencho Sad, Divtti, Sot, Uzvadd, Loksad, Goykar, Novem Goem, Goencho Avaz, Goenchem Ful, Konkan Mail, Arso, Goencho Porzoll, O'Heraldo, Goan Sports Weekly, Dor Mhoineachi Rotti, Konknni, Arso, Goencho Fuddari, and other periodicals.
Brazinho Soares has also been managing editor of Konkani periodicals and magazines such as Karnaval, Goencho Gulab, Hea Sonvsarant, Konknni Noketrancho Uzvadd, etc. A good tiatr writer and director, he has presented 'Mogacho Xevott Simiterint and 'Mogachi Doulot' tiatrs which were well appreciated by the audience. He has also presented two Lenten-based plays 'Ho to Monis' and 'Sorvonddar Mell'lo' which were based on Jesus Christ's passion and his teachings. Earlier he has published two books with his collection of 'poems'.

"KONKNNI OPARINCHO JHELO" is a collectors' item and a treasure trove.
KGTS has supported the venture in publishing it. The publication will be made available to all KONKNNI lovers in Goa and worldwide from today (22nd April). To order your copy, email: or Mob: (965) 9391452 or contact: Brazinho Soares, Kalapurkar, Ubo Dando, Santa Cruz, Ilhas,
Goa-403005 - Tel: +91 832 2446962 or email:

Report by Gaspar Almeida, associate,
Additional input: KGTS.
Photographer: Rewon Gomes