Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Silence is very loud indeed!

Silence is very loud indeed!

The way Christians are being tormented, humiliated and
harassed all over India makes one doubt the assurances
given in the Constitution. Incidents like these had
never happened in the past 52 years of independence,
in such an organised manner.

Persecution is not new to Christianity and the
Christians have well been motivated by their master to
maintain their integrity amidst adversity. Posterity
and international community will judge the working of
democracy in India by the way the minorities are being
treated here.

Every religion preaches the message of love and anyone
who is truly religious will not stoop to such cowardly
criminal attacks. It is high time the Centre acted
positively and created a sense of security amongst the
Christians. We, as a nation, should rise to the
occasion and condemn such acts of violence no matter
against whom they are committed.

It is not known why in a country which boasts of
tolerance,such acts of terrorism are unleashed. Except
pious statements issued from time to time both by the
State and Central Governments nothing concrete has
been done.

Several temples are being built in the U.S. and other
parts of the world because Hinduism has much to offer.
The people of the West are not feeling threatened or
getting upset by the Hindu culture spreading with
force. It is sad that Hinduism and India are now being
discredited in the world by the unchecked hate
campaign in India.

Almost no conversion from the dalits and the tribals
to Christianity could have happened if only these
Hindutva's negative elements had turned their
attention to the still prevalent denial of human
rights to these sections and had done something to
give them some dignity.

We feel sad that the leaders of the government,
religious leaders (of all faiths) and respected Hindu
citizens in India and abroad are not calling upon the
forces behind, which are also maligning the name of
Mahatma Gandhiji, to disist from their hate campaign.
Their silence is very loud indeed.

Gaspar Almeida & Ulysses Menezes
Goa-World Team

(Year 2000)

Your comments are very timely. The present Indian
Government due to its connections with the Sang
Parivar will do nothing and hope things will
go away and people will forget. The proposed changes
to the Christian marriage act, without consulting
Christians is an example of their animosity
against Christians and religons which they have
defined as non-indigenous.
While India advances tecnologically socially it will
remain under developed.
Indian Christians all over the world should start a
campaign of protest to their respective embassies and
bring these incidents to the attention of the
political leaders in their countries.


>From: Gaspar Almeida
>Subject: [gulf-goans] Silence is very loud indeed!

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