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Meet the Producer-Director of Konkani Film "DOLLA" - Ignatius D. Fernandes

Meet the Producer-Director of Konkani Film "DOLLA"

Good news for all the Konkani lovers. Yet another Kuwait-based Goan has envisaged to carry on the Goan tradition of keeping the Goan culture alive and this time, it's another Konkani full feature film tilted "DOLLA", written and directed by Ignatius D. Fernandes.The entire shoot of this film has been done in Kuwait. Alluring music has been composed and meticulously selected for "DOLLA" keeping the Goan taste of melody, music and rhyme in mind. Ignatius hails from the picturesque village of Sancoale, Goa-India and proudly says: "I have great expectation from this film. I’ve tried my best to do justice to the script".

A brief intro about the Producer-Director:
After obtaining his Degree in Computer Engineering (APTECH), he successfully undertook the IATA Diploma courses. Cinema was something out of his thoughts as a career or profession option, then.

Ignatius fondly remembers during his childhood days, when his dad, John C. Fernandes, who worked in Kuwait used to get Konkani Video Cassettes, along with all the goodies and presents. He still vividly remembers the names of some like “Hanv Vatt Chuklo”, “Kitem Hanvem Kellem”, “Doth ani Dennem”, among scores of other Konkani dramas which his mother Succorina Fernandes used to treasure, keeping them immaculately cleaned and packed. He confesses though that he was not too much fond of them during that time. Ignatius recalls "I guess it was due to the attitude of insignificance of our mother tongue we felt around us"! When he stepped into adolescence, a likeness towards Konkani grew within him. I used to hear all the Konkani audio cassettes. "I even to the extend to clean the fungus on the VHS cassettes and watch the same dramas once I shunned to view", he shyly recalls.

Around 2004 when Konkani home-made and amateur videos started to bloom, a desire to make his own Konkani songs album VCD was felt by him. He fondly adds, "I learnt the techniques and ideas used in film creations, production as well as the finer aspects of filming. I met some professionals, exchange lots of thoughts and views and with their help planned out my first Konkani VCD project. After 3-4 songs were filmed, fate had something else in store for me. "I landed in Kuwait on a work visa and had to depart from this field". The wish of fulfilling his 'maiden' project was sacrificed as his job and other priorities came in the fore.

It was during the same period that his brother, Joywin, also a die-hard Konkani lover, established himself and set up his own banner “Home Video Production” in Goa. Today, Ignatius deeply feel proud of Joywin's success as he has scripted his mark for having the largest number of Konkani VCD and Konkani telefilms photographed, filmed and edited single handedly. A rare achievement, indeed, at a very young age! Joywin has some pleasant creative films to his name and credit. Among these include “Chintt Munxea Vogot Astanam”, “Chintnam Nuin Sopnam”, “ Ek Full Don Kannte”, etc.

The latest released film “Friends” in which the beautifully conceptualized romance between youngsters is well presented. 'It's happening for the first time in Konkani films', Ignatius prouldy states. Termed as a youthful joyride, the entertaining film is written, directed, photographed and edited by Joywin. Yet another new film titled “Family” is also slated for release soon. It's a film about relationships.

Coming back to "DOLLA" his cherished subject, Ignatius gives a little insight cheefully, "I intended to create a film long back, but due to reasons beyond my control and other commitments, the idea and script were set aside untouched. Now after an impatient wait of over 5 years, finally I have ventured out for this film. The trailor of this film is already out on a few Konkani Video CDs and also on youtube, and web portals.
Watch it NOW on GoaMag.

Now at the post-production stages, the 29 year old Ignatius feels great that his dream film has come true! It's been a truly a blissful experience to see my work on screen! “My wife Joyce has been my genuine support throughout the making of "DOLLA". She was instrumental in re-writing/modifying the script as the film progressed and accompanied me on the shoot locations. She did the part of an Assistant Director with a genuine eye for details. Without her love and support I couldn’t have brightened up my film", he candidly acknowledges. "My special thanks to all the cast who have tirelessly put in their best performances so also the technicians and support crew".

"The film has turned out in excellent form and to my liking. I have treated each and every element of the movie accurately keeping in mind the audience in and around the Konkan region. I have attempted to craft something different in the genre of Konkani films."

The film "DOLLA" features Sheryl Gomes, Sylvester Vaz, Irene Vaz, Marina D’Souza, Riana Azavedo, Simon Dias, and a host of other actors including Ignatius and Joyce in a small cameo appearance.

The production and marketing will be handled by "Home Video Productions". The other related aspects of the film are set for final touches. "I plan to release this movie on big screen soon. A few more shoots and that's all is awaited..... I am positive the Konkani audiences will like it".

As Ignatius confidently puts it, "DOLLA" is surely gonna be an all out entertainer and a collector's item for Konkani film enthusiasts.

The producer-director can be contacted via Email: ignatius_kuwait@yahoo.comThis e-mail address is being protected from spambots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it , ifilmstudios@yahoo.comThis e-mail address is being protected from spambots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it , or Tel/Mob: (+965) 99208421.

Further details about the cast, music and above all, the novel approach in production, direction and storyline is all that the Konkani film lovers await for to watch.

- Goa-World.Com Team joins all Konkani lovers and wishes Ignatius D. Fernandes and all associated with the film production all the very best.

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Indeed the tradition goes on, since 1994! Promoting tiatr, tiatrists, Konkani and everything Goan!

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