Thursday, January 24, 2008

Goan Photographer J.L. RIVON GOMES

J. L. Rivon Gomes

Smile Please! Who else on earth always wants us to smile? Its none other than a photographer. Whether he is an artist or not, the photographer is a joyous sensualist, for the simple reason that the eye traffics in feelings, not in thoughts. If you do not want beautiful moments of your life to fade away, he is there to frame them up. He is renowned for photography in the international media, who holds over 30 certificates and many awards for his remarkable and picturesque photography at global level. Yes! That is Mr. Jose Luis Rivon Gomes.

Rivon Gomes is currently working as sales supervisor in CANON - Nasser Mohamed Al Sayer Communication Company, Kuwait. He studied in Diploma-Tech Engineering as High Skilled Craftsman from Cardian Technical Institute - Mumbai and qualified production engineering. As soon as he graduated in 1979, he joined a studio Company in Dubai, U.A.E. In the year 1980 he landed in Kuwait to join Al Alamiah (Fotofast), as Lab Technician. While working here, he graduated in advance photo finishing from American Institute. His job responsibility as a lab technician included installation of systems, training the staff, setting up new studios, and also working on the professional studio, commercial, structural/architectural and celebrity jobs as well as attended training in Germany. His action photography swings him with the best angles he captures without missing his prey, at which every fraction of a second is well calculated and captures the perfect exposure without missing it sharp and clear, manipulating with all the F-Stop and speeds that are needed accordingly. After an experience of over two decades, his responsibilities included and expanded to handling sales, managing showrooms and professional studios and also as a lab manager was handling production and quality control working in Al Alamiah Company. Later he had his own business on the photography lineup.

In 2001, Rivon Gomes joined CANON and now with his innovative and entrepreneurial ideas, he owns a business in commercial photography. Having 30 years of experience in photography, he is very creative, idealistic and believes in quality and carries the motive of achieving highest customer satisfaction through delivering incomparable quality. He is a workaholic and loves whatever he does. He enjoys dealing with all professional line of cameras and also provides his valuable advice and suggestions to people who come to him. He also aims at setting up studios in India and training budding youngsters in the field.
Though he is a high profile person, he is humble and very down to earth. He is a quick learner and believer in his own ability. He aims high and never left any task incomplete. He toiled day in and day out to achieve his goals and fulfill his dreams. Since he believes in quality, it brought him a good fame in Kuwait. So why not we say that his zeal and passion towards photography made all his dreams come true.

In terms of learning about new technology and latest model cameras, he is quick and purchases high tech cameras whichever is new in the market. His favourite cameras are SLR and Twin lens Reflex Camera.

Isn’t it also true that behind every successful man there is a woman, and of course his family too. The credit of Rivon Gomes’ success can be accredited to his wife Fatima Glensia Gomes, who is an executive secretary for Al Zayani for the past 20 years. She had been a great support to her husband right from day one. They were blessed with two children. As the saying goes, “As you sow, so you reap”, Rivon Gomes’s children too are very talented like him. The elder son, Staski Jude Gomes, is popular for his music and is good at sports. He is now in U.K. pursuing his higher studies. Scot Savio Gomes is their younger son, who is currently studying in standard nine at Carmel School, and has groomed to be a “drummer” as his hobby!

Rivon is born in a well disciplined family and hails from picturesque Raia village in Goa, India. His father was an auditor section officer in control in Indian Navy, and so he could inherit the discipline from his father. Apart from being passionate with photography, Rivon was also an accomplished footballer and an athlete. In the year 1976 he won first place in 110 Metres hurdles at all India Mining Meet held in Goa when he worked for Sesa Goa Pvt. Limited.

Rivon is well disciplined, creative, confident, innovative, hard working, entrepreneurial, an all rounder with a loving family and satisfying personal and professional life – what more do a complete man require?

(By N Mohandoos/Gaspar Almeida)

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